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Modern Japan was involved in the Russo-Japanese, the Sino-Japanese War, WWI and WWII.

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Q: What wars has Japan been involved in?
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Australia has been involved in 10 wars

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No, it has not been in any wars yet. ;)

What wars have Pakistan been involved in?

India-Pakistani Wars of the 1960s.

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Zambia has not been involved in any wars.

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There have (as of September 2010) been two world wars so far and the US was involved in both.

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The Napoleonic wars. These ended in 1815. Since then Switzerland has been neutral and not involved in any wars. There have been a few short civil wars in the 1800's.

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False, there has only been two official world wars, so the US could not have been involved in three.

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Antarctica has not ever been involved in war.

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Throughout history Italy has been involved in 23 wars and 2 conflicts that were never declared wars. World War II was the only war that Italy was involved in which they did not stand with the United States.

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i think there has been a war or two

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their has only been 2

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