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Lincoln's first objective was to keep the federal union together.

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What was Abraham Lincolns reputation during presidency?

Abraham Lincolns reputation was an honest man though the south succeeded from the union because of his election to form the Confederate states of America

What was Abraham Lincolns approval rating?

It was the lowest approval rating during that century

What was Abraham lincolns occupation during the civil war?

President of the United States of America.

What happend during Abraham Lincolns Presidency?

During Abraham Lincoln's presidency, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. This document effectively granted freedom to all slaves in the US and ended slavery in the country.

What are the names of Congress members during Abraham Lincolns presidency?

This is available on many websites devoted to US political history.

Who was US president when uncle sam first got his beard?

Uncle Sam first got his beard during Abraham Lincolns presidency.

What are 4 historical events that happened during Abraham Lincolns life?

I only know 2 they were slavery ended and women could vote.

What was a major legislation during Abraham Lincolns presidency?

Emancipation Proclamation was historically, immensely significant; without it, our country would be completely different.

What was one of Abraham lincolns great achievements?

attempting to hold the nation together during the time when the southern states were looking to succeed from the Union.

What war was going on during Abraham Lincolns Presidency?

The American Civil War (1861-1864). my question is what country did Lincoln threaten with war during the us civil war

What were some of Abraham Lincolns Accomplishments?

Abraham Lincoln is best known for the crucial role he played in the abolition of slavery in the United States. He also managed to keep the country unified during the Civil War.

What was Lincoln's primary objective during the civil war?

to keep the union together. he didn't really want to free the slaves

During the third stage of the cell cycle what forms in eukaryotic cells with cell walls?

Abraham lincolns right butcheek cells had no nucleus they were plant cells that's how odd he was lol true story

What were abraham lincolns challenges?

Trying to maintain the Union during a time of increasing disagreement over slavery between the North and the South. Ultimately leading the North to a victory in the Civil War and reuniting the country.

What was Abraham Lincolns favorite baseball team?

Lincoln probably did not have a favorite baseball team, as organized baseball was not being played during his time. Organized baseball did not come about until well after the Civil War and Lincoln's death.

Who was john mock as to president lincolns body guards during president lincolns visit to new york city?

Who where the body guards for president lincoln during his visit to new york city?

What was the primary Union objective concerning foreign relations during the war?

Lincoln prevented any major power (England, France, Spain) from recognizing and supporting the South.

How much was Abraham Lincoln paid during his presidency?

how much was abraham lincoln paid during presidency

Who was the President during Abraham Lincoln's presidency?

Abraham Lincoln was the president when Abraham Lincoln was the president.

During what important time was Abraham president?

During the time Abraham Lincoln was president, the Civil War was happening.

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