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Alexander the great of Course

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Alexander lived nearly 900 years after the legendary demolition of Troy.

The story of Achilles and the sacking of Troy.

He went to Troy presenting himself as the New Achilles.

Alexander the Great was called the Great King because he had conquered the Persian Kingdom, and was the 'successor' of Darius III

Iran was then called Persia, it had a great empire, and Alexander conquered it.

Alexander was called Alexander the Great for several reasons. He was a talented warfare strategist and leader. He conquered the Persians and created an expansive empire.

Yes their was one in 2004 called Alexander

There is no such person. However there were three Kings of Scots called Alexander.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian of Nicomedia.

Alexander the Great fought wars of conquest; these could be called the Alexandrian wars.

Alexander has always been great but he was known just as The Great as People through out the world studied his life and history. He was more called the great by "teachers" and there students and it soon evolved into Alexander The Great.

When he was in war he was taking a lot of kingdoms and then he would then be called Alexander the Great.

Nobody. That's why he was called "the Great".

Alexander the Great, or Alexander of Macedonia as he's also called.

Alexander the Greats favorite book is called the Iliad.

Alexander the Great was trained in medicine and philosophy by Aristotle. He was trained in a place called The School of Mieza.

Because when Alexander the Great conquered all of his empire, the blend of Indian, Egyptian, Persian, and Greek cultures was called Hellenistic culture.

Alexander the greats dog was documented to have been called 'Peritas'. And just for the record, his horse was called 'Bucephalus'.

Alexander the Great was NEVER called the king of Greece, nor was he ever known by that title. He was the King of Macedon, Hegemon of a united Greece, Great King of Persia, and Pharaoh of Egypt.

Al grant is the greatest in the world

Homer writes about her being in Troy. There is a myth in connection with the Temple of Artemis that says she was present when Alexander the Great was born.

A Warrior at Troy would be called a Trojan.

Alexander IV of Macedonia who was the son of Alexander the Great

Alexander The Great was probably good, because he tried to make all the land he conquered live in peace, but that didn't happen. Considering he is called 'the great' I would assume not.

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