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Anne Franks childhood was great! She made many friends, and was quite outgoing. Her mother's name was Edith, and her father was Otto. She had a sister names Margot. Margot was older than Anne. Anne was a "boy magnet," she had many boyfriends in her life. Then when Margot got the letter that stated she had to go and work in labour camp, Otto and Edith decided to go into hiding. They hid in a small house located behind Otto's business. They were in the "Secret Annex" for about 2 years, until they were betrayed, and the Nazi's took them to Bergen - Belsen where they were taken to Aushwitz, a death camp in Poland, where Otto was taken to work for Hitler. Then Edith was murdered. Anne and Margot then died later, 2 months before the war ended.


They weren't really to work for Hitler, but to die for Hitler. Edith wasn't murdered. She died of starvation early January at Auschwitz. The Soldiers made a Scabies selection and Anne, and Margot had them. They were sent to Bergen-Belsen after not before Auschwitz. Anne met with Her best friend Hannah at the camp. She provided food for them and threw it over the fence for them. Margot died supposedly 2 days before Anne Did due to Typhus. There bodies gave out March 1945. A Nurse Named Janny Brandes and her sister found there bodies there. They buried Margot & Anne's bodies separated from the Bergen-Belsen Mass grave. So they could live in peace. Until this day, the grave still stand.

Otto Frank survived WW2. He arrived back at Amsterdam a month after the German Surrender. He went to see if his Daughters survived. Sadly Janny Brandes told him what happened. He arrived back at Amsterdam and told Miep. Miep Gies brought the Diary to him. And he went back to the secret Annexe and started reading it.

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Q: What was Anne Frank's childhood like?
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