Niels Bohr

What was Bohr's contribution to chemistry?



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Niels Bohr developed the "Planetary" model of the atom. Bohr's model of the atom was not unlike our view of the Solar System in which we reside. The nucleus of the atom was likened to our Sun, and the electrons in orbit around the nucleus are likened to the planets.

Bohr's planetary model was nice - it did introduce the concept of electron motion to the atomic model - but it could not accurately explain how atoms interacted with each other.

The main model used in the modern chemistry classroom is usually the Quantum Mechanical model. This model differs from Bohr's model in that it proposes "probable" locations of electrons in "clouds" around atomic nuclei - but not definite "planetlike" orbits as Bohr postulated.

It should be noted that Niels Bohr seemed to have a lot of fun while studying and teaching his theories. He was widely spoken of as a fun-loving, jocular scientist, even capable of the odd practical science joke. Interesting...