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He understood the importance of quantum theory (and used it to explain the electromagnetic radiation produced when elements are excited when heated to high tempeatures or by being placed in discharge tubes).

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Q: What were Niels Bohrs contribution to atomic structure?
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What was niels bhor famous for?

Niels Bohr created the Bohrs model of the atom. This Danish physicist won a Nobel Prize in Physics for his developments in atomic structure and quantum physics.

Where did Neil Bohr's made a significant contribution to the rapidly growing atomic structure?

Niels Bohr worked in Denmark until 1943.

Did people accept Niels Bohrs beliefs?

For a while, but eventually a new atomic model came out that we still use today.

Where did Niels Bohr discover the atomic structure?

he just did

Why niels bohr is important?

Niels Bohr is important for his work in the areas of atomic structure and quantum theory. He was a physicist from the country of Denmark.

The Bohr model of atomic structure?

Niels Bohr propose a planetary model for the atomic nucleus.

What did Niels Bohrs work add to the model of the atom?

Niels Bohr proposed a "planetary system" model for the atom.

Who is the danish physicists that proposed the planetary model of atomic structure?

Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr's contribution to modern atomic theory was the proposition that?

an atom has electrons in discrete energy levels

What was Niels Bohr's aim in his atomic theory?

Bohr wished to describe the structure of atoms.

What are the contribution of Niels Bohr in the development of science and technology in atomic theory?

Neil bohr has done research in quantum mechanics.

The scientist whose model of the atom is now accepted as the most accurate atomic structure is?

Niels bohr