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NY Queens

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Where is NY?

NEW YORK is by Maine in the north east part of France.

What was Albany's name before it was called Albany?

Albany, NY was formerly known as Fort Orange.

What location is Rhode Island in the may?

far east coast-New England. Look around Maine/NY.

How far is middleport to Rochester new york?

46 miles taking this route:Take NY-31 EAST from Middleport to NY-31A EAST; continue straight on NY-31A EAST.Take NY-31A EAST back to NY-31 EAST.Continue on NY-31 EAST to NY-531 EAST to ROCHESTER.Take NY-531 EAST to I-490 EAST.Take I-490 EAST to ROCHESTER.

What colonies did Vermont and Maine belong to?

vermont to NY maine to MA

What is the halfway city from Buffalo NY to Portland Maine?

Guilderland, NY

What is the best route from Los Anglas to Maine?

I-10 east to I-15 north to I-70 east to Penisvenia Turnpike east to NJ turnpike north to NY city take I-95 north all the way to maine 3000 miles citys going through Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas city, St Louis, Indeapolas, Wheeling WV, NY city, new haven ,Providecne, around boston,

What is the distance from Ithaca NY to Stamford NY?

111 miles taking this route:Take NY-79 EAST to NY-206 EAST in Whitney Point just past the bridge. Go STRAIGHT on NY-206 EAST.Follow NY-206 EAST to I-88 EAST.Take I-88 EAST to NY-23 to ONEONTA and DAVENPORT at EXIT 15.Turn right off the exit ramp. Follow NY-23 EAST to Stamford.

Is NY larger than Maine?

Yes, it is.

What city in New York is east of Syracuse?

The cities east of Syracuse, NY is Oneida, NY and Utica, NY.

How far is Babylon NY from Huntington NY?

17 miles taking this route:Take NY-110 SOUTH, from Huntington, to NY-109 EAST to BABYLON. EXIT onto NY-109 EAST.Take NY-109 EAST to Babylon.

How many hours drive from ny to maine?


Is NY east or west coast?


What is the distance between Bethel NY and Milton NY?

59 milesTake NY-17B EAST to NY-17 EAST.Take NY-17 (FUTURE I-86) EAST to I-84 EAST to NEWBURGH at EXIT 121E.Take I-84 EAST to U.S. 9W NORTH to HIGHLAND at EXIT 10 near Newburgh.Take U.S. 9W NORTH to Milton.

What is the driving distance from Maine New York to New York city?

From Maine, NY to New York City, NY is 188 miles; 3 hours, 25 minutes driving time.

How far is Albany NY from Portland Maine?

268 miles taking this route:Take I-90 EAST, from Albany, to I-495 NORTH to N.H. - MAINE off EXIT 11, off I-90 MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE (toll), in Massachusetts.Take I-495 NORTH to I-95 NORTH.Take I-95 NORTH to PORTLAND, MAINE.

What is the halfway point between East Fishkill NY and Hyde Park NY?

Poughkeepsie, NY

How many miles from Schenectady NY to Bangor ME?

416 miles taking this route:Take I-890 from Schenectady to I-90 THRUWAY (toll) EAST.Take I-90 THRUWAY (toll) EAST to the MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE (BLACK PILGRIM HAT) (toll) EAST to BOSTON.Follow I-90 EAST on the MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE (toll) to I-495 to N.H. - MAINE off EXIT 11A; follow signs to I-495 NORTH to N.H. - MAINE.Take I-495 NORTH to I-95 NORTH.Take I-95 NORTH, thru New Hampshire, to BANGOR, MAINE.

What is distance from East Aurora NY to Buffalo NY?

21 miles

What is the driving distance from Watertown NY to Bangor Maine?

About 475 miles.

What town is the halfway point between East Fishkill NY and Hyde Park NY?

Poughkeepsie, NY

How far is it from Rochester NY to Bath NY?

75 miles taking I-390 SOUTH to I-86 EAST, then I-86 EAST to Bath.

What is the name of the furniture store that is formerly nationwide warehouse in Syracuse ny?

Express Furniture Warehouse

Was Burns International in White Plains NY formerly Metro International Trading Corporation?


What is the distance between New York and Southampton?

89 miles taking this route:Take I-495 EAST, thru the QUEENS MIDTOWN TUNNEL (toll), from Manhattan, and across the LONG ISLAND EXPRESSWAY to NY-24 to HAMPTON BAYS off EXIT 71. Turn right off the exit ramp onto NY-24 EAST to HAMPTON BAYS (to NY-27).Take NY-24 EAST to NY-27 EAST to MONTAUK.Take NY-27 EAST to Southampton.