What was England like during and after World War 2?

It had been severely damaged by the war, food rationing continued there long after the war was over.

World War II had taken its toll on Europe. As stated, England had practiced food rationing until 1954. This, among many other issues, annoyed the British public. Parliamentary debates arose between the Conservatives and the Labour Party as to worry about the Cold War and problems at home or the colonies the British had before WWII. Britain would exit all of their Asian and African colonies, amongst others around the world, save for a few still in the hands of England by the mid-1970s. Because of the nations poor economic state after the war, England would employ a welfare state much like the New Deal had in the wake of the depression.

After WWII, England was left with a sense of loss as they were once the most dominant nation in the world, but now had endured great losses during the war and had little to show for it. Their economy had crashed, infrastructure badly damaged and they lost control of their colonies. More so, England realized just how European they actually were and began to distance themselves from the mainland.