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Q: What was Geronimo's given last name?
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Who is Geronimos sister?

Her name is Thea.

What is Geronimos favorite food?


What is banquo's last name?

Banquo's last name was not given.

What was Aladdin's last name?

Aladdin is not given a last name that is mentioned.

What was marica's last name in the outsiders?

Marcia was never given a last name.

In pretties the book what is shay's last name?

shay was never given a last name only tally youngblood, andreew simpson smith and dr.cable was given a last name.

What is Tootie's last name on Fairly OddParents?

Vicky (& her family) have never been given a last name.

What is Iggy's last name from Hey Arnold?

The character was never given a last name

How do you write III when using the last name first?

Last Name, First (Given) Name, III

What is mason's last name in vampire academy?

A last name isn't given His last name is says it in Frostbite & Shadow Kiss

What does mothers given name mean?

Mother's given name means, your mother's first name... That is, the name she was given at birth by her parents, and as opposed to her surname, (family name, last name.)

Difference between first name and last name?

A first name is the given name that typically comes before the last name in Western naming conventions, while the last name is the family name passed down through generations. Together, they make up a person's full name.