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Geronimo was a prominent wartime leader of the Bedonkohe Apache. After a raid on his tribe by Mexican soldiers, Geronimo's wife, mother, and children were killed. This is when he joined into the attacks and participated in the Apache Wars.

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What was Geronimo famous for?

Geronimo is widely known for his leadership in the Apache resistance against the United States and their prescribed reservation life for the Apache people. Born Goyahkla ("one who yawns"), the name Geronimo was given to him by fearful Mexican soldiers praying to St. Jerome (Jeronimo). Goyahkla's fellow warriors heard the Mexicans crying "Cuidado! Jeronimo!" and it stuck with the young warrior. Geronimo became a leading figure in the Apache wars after his escape from the San Carlos reservation. Between the years of 1876 and...
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How did Geronimo get his name?

Geronimo is actually a Spanish name. Goyahkla (Geronimo's original name) and his people had arrived in the town to trade, the women and children were left in a wash(Safe place) to wait for them while they did their business. A mob from another area arrived and murdered most of them. When Goyahkla came out of town to where they were and saw what had happened, he and his people retreated out of Mexico. He was so grief strucken that he wanted to...
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What tribe was Geronimo?

Chiricahua Apache Geronimo was born of the Bedonkohe Apache tribe in No-doyohn Canon, Arizona, June, 1829, near present day Clifton, Arizona. The fourth in a family of four boys and four girls, he was called Goyathlay (One Who Yawns.) In 1846, when he was seventeen, he was admitted to the Council of the Warriors, which allowed him to marry. Soon, he received permission; married a woman named Alope, and the couple had three children. _________________________________________________________________ Geronimo was a fearsome man he came from the...
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What is Geronimo stilton's address?

New Mouse city, Mouse Island
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What does Geronimo yell when he jumps out of a plane?

"Meeeeeeee!" "Geronimo!" (The fact that he yelled his own name as he leaped off a cliff is what started the whole thing.) Considering that planes had not yet been invented when he was alive, he'd probably yell "HOLY CR*P!" and would likely not know how to open his parachute. ...
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Who was Geronimo captured by?

he was captured by Americans who hated him with a passion!!!
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What is the latest Geronimo stilton book?

i think the latest one is save the white whale
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Who writes the Geronimo stilton books?

It was created by Italian author Elisabetta Dami and written as a first-person narrative by the titular character, a mouse named Geronimo Stilton. The illustrators for the series have included Danilo Barozzi, Francesco Castelli, and Christian Aliprandi. It has been published since 2000 by Edizioni Pienne of Milan, Italy, and translated into English editions by Scholastic Books beginning in 2004. The books are presented as an "autobiographical" series by Geronimo, who is the chief editor of the Rodent Gazette. The adventures take place on...
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How old is Geronimo stilton?

I believe that he is about 36
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What does it mean when people yell Geronimo?

People yell Geronimo because there was an Native American named Geronimo who loved jumping cliffs ...
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How do you spell Geronimo in Apache?

Goyathlay - meaning one who yawns
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What genre is Geronimo Stilton's books?

mystery book genre
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When is Geronimo Stilton's Birthday?

I think 2 days after valentines day.
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Is Geronimo stilton a mouse?

He was a mouse and forever will be one.
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Who is Licerio Geronimo?

I have this research last year about the Tiradores dela muerte, and it happens that during our research we meet G. Ocampo in Montalban Rizal. G. Ocampo is the grandson of Gen. Licerio Geronimo. He gave us some materials biography ang a rare photo of his lolo cerio. Maybe I can help you about your question. If you want a detailed answear to your question maybe i can lend you some of the materials. (but Im not so sure if he---G....
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What is Geronimo's birthday?

Geronimo was born on June 16, 1829.
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What is the Geronimo Stilton book Geronimo's Valentine about?

It is about his huge crush petunia pretty paws and his old friend hercule poirtrat ...
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What was 'Geronimo' famous for?

Chiricahua Apache and leader of resistance to the US army, although he considered his main enemy to be the Mexicans. He ruined the reputation of famed American Indian-fighter Crook, whose use of Apache scouts twice forced him into the San Carlos reservation in Arizona, only to lead raiding parties out again. Miles eventually resumed Crook's tactics, forcing Geronimo's final surrender in 1886. Promised a short gaol term and an eventual return to Arizona, he was imprisoned in Florida for eleven years and...
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What is Geronimo Stiltons email address?
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What tribe was Geronimo from?

Geronimo was really named Goyaałé and he was a medicine man or shaman of the Bedonkohe Apaches (part of the eastern Chiricahua tribe). ...
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Who were Crazy Horse Geronimo and Sitting Bull?

American Indian leaders who fought against the U.S. Army Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Geronimo were all Lakotah indian chiefs or sub chiefs. After the battle of the Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull went on to a successful career in show business in Buffalo Bill's wild west show. ...
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Where does the phrase Geronimo come from?

Type your answer here... Geronimo!............ it was made by paratroopers in world war II ...