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He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

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What were hitlers goal in the holocaust?

Adolf's Hitler goal in the holocaust was to get rid of all the Jews from Germany.

What was hitlers goal to having the holocaust?

He wanted to exterminate the Jews.

Under Hitlers reign?

The Reign of Terror was called the Holocaust.

What were the results of Hitlers rule?

World War 2 and the Holocaust was the result.

What does Hitlers museum of Holocaust mean?

There are a number of Holocaust museums, such as the one at Auschwitz and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), but none of them is Hitler's.

What is the modern meaning for the word Holocaust?

Holocaust is an act of mass destruction of human life. An example of a holocaust is the mass murder of Jews under Hitlers Nazi regime.

What were the riots aganist Jews called?

If you mean when Hitlers dictatorship then it's called 'The Holocaust'.

What was Hitlers relationship before during and after the holocaust?

he was single until the end of the war, when he was married.

Who was Hitlers dad?

his name was belived to be adolf as well as the holocaust leader. his name was Alois hitler.

What was hitlers involvement in the Holocaust?

Hitler was the driving force behind the Holocaust. He picked the Jews as a common enemy for the German people, confiscated their property and had them imprisoned and killed.

Where can one view Holocaust videos?

You can watch a number of Holocaust videos online. One of the most popular places to view videos is YouTube, which would include many hours of Holocaust videos. There are also history websites that allow you to view Holocaust videos as well.

What was the final solution in the history of the holocaust?

Hitlers Final Solution was to committ genocide on all the Jews in Europe.

How did others view Hitlers achievements?

they big bean my poopy woopys

What was hitlers answer to the holocaust?

There are people called "Holocaust deniers" but Hitler wasn't one of them, since he killed himself before the horrors of the extermination camps reached the popular consciousness.

Is there a good point of view of the holocaust?

Points of view are independent of morals.

Why did they kill gay men in the Holocaust?

Well, why did they kill Jews in the holocaust...it's the same thing. nobody can get inside Hitlers twisted mind and play the games that he once played.

What was Adolf Hitler's political role?

Adolf hitlers political role in germany was to serve as a german natzi for the holocaust.

What were hitlers view or ideas for the future?

he wanted to control the world and make his perfect Germans

How did the holocaust change the world view of Israel?

At this time there was no state called 'Israel', but it refered to the people. The Holocaust changed the world view in that there was more sympathy for there to be a state for the people of Israel.

What is Auschwitz and what do they do there?

it is now a museum, they let tourists of the Holocaust view it.

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