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Q: What was James 1 interests?
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What were James K.Polk's interests?

James Polk had no discernible outside interests.

What were James armistead interests?


What are LeBron James interests?


What were James Buchanan's interests?

he liked eating

What are James A. Garfield interests?

He liked golf and billards

What are James Oglethorpe's interests?


What has the author Allison G James written?

Allison G. James has written: 'Case of dental caries vs. the sugar interests'

Why does Sarah Frater date James May?

Because they both have same interests, and James once said that she is as mad as he is. Perfect couple.

James Madison felt the Government needed what?

A balance between different interests. -APEX

What were James Monroes interest?

James Monroe's interests included riding, hunting, and farming. At one point, he thought about withdrawing from politics to pursue life as a farmer. James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States.

James Madison believed that in the Constitutional Convention the greatest conflict of interests was between?

catholic and protestants

What was James Madison interests?

he was interested in being a teacher cutting up meat. working on machineswith tools.