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There were several different things that Japan was involved in, like Pearl Harbor. They bombed Pearl Harbor because we took away their Natural Resources because of what they were doing to China so they advanced in China and took over a part of China that was rich in natural resources and then attacked Pearl Harbor. The Japanese also Attack Astraila in Sydney Harbor they launched midget submarines and actually killed some people but they were killed before too many died you can also look up what they did in china which had a big effect on the war the Japanese treated the Chinese like the Nazi's treated the Jewish people as shown in the Rape of NanJeing.

This answer means nothing to me - please get writers to write 'grammar' and then we can all understand the answer... I glean nothing from this.

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What was Japans involvement in World War 2?

They were all fighting because of he way there government was and because the Japanese wanted to expand there empire and the US as well as other countries didnt like this.

What were Japans motives in World War 2?

Domination of the East and the Pacific.

Why was hirohito important to world war 2?

because he was japans emperor

What was escalation in World War 2?

Increased involvement in the war

What was Japan's Achilles heel during World War 2?

What was japans achillies heel in world war two

How was Japans economy after World War 2?

Japan's economy after World War II was extremely poor. We had to support them.

What was japans primary goal in its involvement in World War 2?

To "protect" Pacific from non-asian people. Actually, they wanted to rule all those islands. Moreover, they wanted to conquer China.

What were Japan's actions in World War 2?

See the related links below for a comprehensive explanation about Japans actions in World War 2.

What were japans attitudes during World War 2?

The same as Germany's; they were destined to rule.

Who was japans president in world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo

What was Japans and US relations during World War 2?

They weren't freinds i can tell you that......

Was the bombing of pearl harbor one of the causes to world war 2?

It was not the start of World War 2, but it was the beginning of the U.S.'s involvement in the war.

What were the reasons behind Australia's involvement in world war 2?

Reasons for Australia's InvolvementAustralia was a colony of Great Britain.

What was japans goal in world war 2?

To conquer occupy and annex as much territory as they could. Building an Empire.

What made US want to fight in World War 2?

Japans suprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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