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Early 2010 he had his "My World 2.0" release. Then in November he released his "My Worlds: Acoustic Album"

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When does Justin Biebers album come out in the UK?

It comes out on monday 18th January 2010

What is Justin Bieber's first album?

Justin biebers first album was 'My World'

What is the First Album of Justin Bieber?

Justin biebers first album is my world

What is Justin Bieber's 1st album?

Justin Biebers 1st album was My World.

When was Justin Biebers 2nd album released?

Justin Bieber's second album, (My World 2.0), was released March 23, 2010. I hope this helped! :)Justin Bieber's second album, My World 2.0, was released on March 23, 2010.

When does Justin Biebers next album come out?

its suppose to appear in stores before or after Christmas 2010

How much is Justin Biebers album?

His album is $9.99 us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much money is Justin biebers new album?

jutin biebers new album is 12 dollars

What songs are on Justin Biebers album baby?

Justin biebers new album isn't called baby it is called my world part 2... the only songs that have been released are baby and never let you go. it will come out in February 2010

What is Justin biebers favorite track on the my world album?

Hello Justin Biebers fave track is track 9.

What is Justin biebers new album gunna be called?

Justin Bieber's new album will be called My World.

What was Justin Biebers fisrt album name?

His first album is called my world

When was Justin Bieber album believe released in the US?

Justin Biebers album believe was released on June 19,2012.

When was Justin biebers first CD realsed?

Justin biebers first c.d album was "my world"released November 17, 2009

When does Justin Biebers new album your world 2 come out in 2010?

Its called My World 2.0 and it comes out on March 23rd

What was Justin Biebers first CD he sang?

Justin Bieber's first album he released was 'My World' Released - 18th of January 2010. Reymond Usher signed him.

What is Justin biebers most recent album?

Justin Bieber's most recent album is Under the Mistletoe, which he released in late 2011.

When was Justin Bieber's first album out?

justin biebers first album was relesed on november 17. This letter was bye me. Shirley R

Will Justin Biebers new album be released in UK?

Yes, his album is going to be released in the UK

Is Justin Biebers new album called Baby?

No, Justin Bieber's new album is not called Baby. Baby was his first single for the album My World 2.0.

When was Justin Biebers second CD released?

15 year old Canadian singer Justin Bieber released his second album, My World 2.0, on the 23rd of March 2010.

When was Justin biebers album released?

00 bc :) i hoped that helped lol

When does Justin Biebers album your World debut?

November 17th and its called "My World."

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