What was Marie Antoinette's legacy?

Marie Antoinette was born in Austria on 1755. She then married Louis XIV and moved to France where she became Queen during 1770s and 1780s. Although Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette were not the whole cause of the revolution they did contribute to it by their extravagant spending. Marie Antoinette's extravagant spending on clothes and parties lead to extreme debt of the country and also lead to a new fashion trends.

Marie Antoinette introduced the trend of loose fitting dresses rather than the tight big ones they usually wore during the 1770s and 1780s. Even though the French people did not like her because of damage she did to the French economy, they still enjoyed her fashion sense. She introduced the loose cotton dress which most thought of it as undergarments but she just wanted to be comfortable and elegant. She really loved these dresses, "she had nearly 300 dresses made annually for her various social engagements at the court of Versailles, her private parties at Petit Trianon and for the stage of her jewel-box theater." (Keener) She also introduced the, "the gravity-defying pouf, hairstyle." (Keener) On top of the French people being angry with her, the silk industry was too because their new lack of business. Showing how much influence she had on French style.

Marie Antoinette's influence of French style is related to the French Revolution because she was married to Louis XIV and since she was married to him she used the countries money to pay fort he clothes she had, influencing French style. Marie Antoinette's legacy is how she lived so extravagant through fashion, possessions, parties and the involvement in the government. She is also known for her death as a traitor during the Reign of Terror. Her influence of extravagant living was on of the main causes for revolution even though her fashion was not hugly mentioned in the book as of why she was a main cause of the revolution. She will always be remembered for being elegent and fabulous yet somewhat evil.