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What was Martin Luther King Jr.'s dad's name?

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The father of Martin Luther King, Jr. was Martin Luther King, Sr.

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martin Luther king sr. and mrs. kingHis dads name was Martin Luther King Sr.

... Martin Luther King Sr, of course.

Martin Luther King, Jr.â??s father was named Martin Luther King, Sr. He was born Michael King, but changed his name, as well as his sonâ??s name.

Martin Luther King was named after Martin Luther. King was just their last name.

Martin Luther King did not name his son after Martin Luther. He named his son, Martin Luther King Jr, after himself.

Martin Luther is the creator of Lutheranism. Martin Luther King was named after Martin Luther. Martin Luther King Jr. was named after his father, Martin Luther King. Nobody's name was changed.


Martin Luther son's name are Martin Luther Kinglll and Dexter King

Martin Luther King, Jr. did not change his name. He was given his name after his father, Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr.

Martin Luther King, Jr's middle name is Luther.

what is Martin Luther King, Jr's grandfather's name? John Luther King

His Fathers name is martin Luther king Sr but first his name was mike king but then he changed his name to martin Luther king Sr and also changed mike king Jr to martin Luther king Jr

Martin Luther King's birth name is Michael Luther King Jr..

Martin Luther King Jr. was the son of Martin Luther King Sr.

Well his name is Martin Luther king jr. So his dad would be Martin Luther king...

martin Luther King Jr was born Michael Luther King Jr but later changed his name to martin.Michael King Jr. the name Martin Luther King Jr. was born with. His father andand he changed their names to Martin Luther after the the famous Martin Luther ofthe Roman Catholic Church in the 1500's.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s name isn't really Martin that was his dad's name. His birth name was Micheal Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Senior.

Martin Luther King Jr. His birth name is Michael King.

alberta williams king and martin luther king sr.

Martin Luther King, at least the famous civil rights activist, was actually named Martin Luther King Jr., therefore his father's name was Martin Luther King as well, and he was a priest. Martin Luther King Sr.'s, the priest, father's name was James "Jim" King.

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