What was Nintendos 8-bit console made of?

Win. It was made of win. More seriously (but probably not helpful), plastic.

To get more technical, the processor is a Ricoh 2A03 (Ricoh 2A07 in Europe), which is essentially a MOS Technology 6502 with the Binary Coded Decimal capabilities removed, and various game-oriented features added (sound generation hardware and control registers, DMA transfer to the video-generation chip, etc). It runs at around 1 MHz of clock speed. It is capable of addressing 64KB of memory. Some of that is used for RAM, some to communicate with IO registers, and the rest (32KB) for communication with the game cartridge.

The video chip is either the Ricoh RP2C02 (operates at 5.37 MHz, for NTSC regions) or the RP2C07 (operates at 5.32 MHz, for PAL regions).