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What was Pearl Harbour about?


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The Attack on Pearl Harbour was When the Japanese forces attacked pearl harbour Hawaii as they thought the Americans were planning on attacking the Japanese


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i think you mean pearl harbour, the american harbour.

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The attack of Pearl Harbour is the Japanese attacking a port in Hawaii. Pearl Harbour

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No, Pearl Harbor is actually a shallow harbor

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Answer:A place. Some port on an island in the Pacific OceanAnswer:Pearl harbour is a large natural harbour on Hawaii which was filled with US navy ships when the Japanese fleet launched an air attack on it.My AnswerPearl Harbour is two things in common usage: It was and still is a Harbour where ships stopIt was the site of the opening attack by the Japanese against the USA during WWII and this event is referred to as "Pearl Harbour" EG: "I was at Pearl Harbour"If you mean that you visited Pearl Harbour the correct way to say that is "I visited Pearl Harbour. "

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Pearl Harbour is near Pearl City, on the Island of Oahu, in Hawaii;about 10 kilometres northwest of Honolulu.

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