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Poland is still called Poland. (Its borders have changed considerably since 1939).

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What was in Poland during the Holocaust?

All the extermination camps were situated in Poland.

Why did Hitler have a Holocaust?

He didnt "have" holocaust. He started what is known as The Holocaust where he captured many Jewish people and sent them to concentration camps. He claimed that Jews were the cause of the Germany's problems. Many if not most of the Jewish population of Germany and Poland died in these camps.

What were the major camps during the Holocaust?

Most were located in Poland. The three most well known camps are Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Warsaw.

Where does the story blima a Holocaust survivor take place?

In Poland, during the time of the Holocaust and when the Nazis were taking over Poland and other countries around Germany.

Were there gas chambers during the Holocaust?

Yes, there were six (6) known camps with gas chambers during the Holocaust, all six were in Poland. They were:SobiborChelmnoBelzecMajdanekAuschwitz-BirkenauTreblinka

Who were parted of the holocaust?

The German's were part of the Holocaust and so was Poland also the Jews were Ha Jews

What countries was affected by the holocaust?

netherlands,poland and france

Holocaust dealth camps what country are they in?

Mainly in Poland.

Which countries did Germany invade during the Holocaust?


What were some locations in the Holocaust?

Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania.

Which countries suffered the most in the holocaust?

Poland and Germany.

Where was the most killing in the world war or the holocaust?


What location did the holocaust mostly take place?


When were ghettos first established in the Holocaust?

November 1939 in Poland. The first Holocaust ghetto was established at Piotrków Trybunalski in Poland in October 1939. yo momma dude!!

What were the Major concentration camps in Poland during the Holocaust?

Here are the name of the Major Concentrations in Poland during the Holocaust:AuschwitzBelzecChelmnoMajdanekSobiborWarsaw

Where was the war for the Holocaust?

There was no "war for the holocaust" - and the Holocaust took place mainly in Poland and the former Soviet Union.---Please see the related questions.

Was the Holocaust in Europe or Germany?

Germany is in Europe, anyway.The Holocaust - the extermination of the Jews - was maonly carried out in Poland.

What countries and what years did the Holocaust happen?

The Holocaust happened mostly in Poland from 1941-1945, during WWII

Was Poland the first country to be invaded in the Holocaust?

Hitler's invasion of Poland on september1 1939 triggered WWII

How many Jewish Holocaust deaths were in Poland?

About 2,950,000 died.

What places did the Germans take over during the holocaust?


In what country were the most Jews killed during Holocaust?


What was the first Concentration camp during the Holocaust?

It was auscwhitz in poland

In which country was the Holocaust located?

Most of the concentration camps were in Poland.

What happened to the Jewish people who lived in Poland during the Holocaust?

About 90% of them - that is over 2.9 million - were slaughtered in the Holocaust.

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