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he was a farmer

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Robert Burns' first job was as a farmer, working on his family's farm in Scotland. This experience would greatly influence his poetry, as he wrote about rural life and the struggles of the common people.

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Q: What was Robert Burns' first job?
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What did Robert burns acheve?

Robert burns achieved writing poetry he wrote his first poem when he was 15

What job did Robert Burns have before he came a poet?

farmer.....I think

What was Robert burns first song about?


What was the name of Robert Burns first collection of poetry?

Robert Burns' first collection of poetry was titled "Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect" and was published in 1786.

What is Robert Burns first major achievement?

Robert Burns' first major achievement was the publication of his poetry collection titled "Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect" in 1786. This collection gained widespread popularity and established Burns as a significant literary figure in Scotland.

Did Robert Burns have his first child in ellisland?

No, Robert Burns had his first child in 1785, two years before he moved to Ellisland in 1788. His first child, Elizabeth Riddell Burns, was born to his mother's servant, Elizabeth Paton.

What is Robert Burns first poem?

A maiden and her man

What was Robert burns first song?

Handsome Nell

What was Robert Burns' mother's job?

Robert Burns, the Scottish poet, lived on a farm. His mother, Agnes Broun, took care of the children and did farm chores. She inspired her son Robert to write poetry and songs.

Who was born first Pablo Picasso or Robert Burns?

Burns was born in 1759, PIcasso in 1881.

What age did Robert Burns write his first poem?

Robert Burns wrote his first poem, "O, Once I Lov'd A Bonnie Lass," when he was 15 years old.

What was the first poems Robert Burns wrote?

the handsome nell