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The Royal Air Force is England's Air Force. It is part of the Royal military just like the Royal Navy.

It was a camauflauged uniform so that the soldiers could blend into the back ground. If they had worn bright colouful uniforms it would have made them easy targets for rifles.

It isn't. The Royal Air Force is an idependent force like the Royal Navy and the Army. The navy and army have their own individual air arms, the Fleet Air Arm and the Army Air Corps but each has individual roles.

No, they are more akin to the elite Brigade Reconaissance Force of the Royal Marines 30 Commando IX group.

I do not like the uniform that old soldier is wearing.Take that uniform off Right now, it looks pathetic on you!I do not like the uniform that my principle made me wear.

When someone is against uniform it means not to wear them. It mean that they do not like uniform and they are not allow.

It had an overcoat/trenchcoat, field cap, web gear, puttees, boots, and a dull colored uniform blouse and pants.

Every school that requires a uniform has a different uniform.

Every uniform is different.

Obviously fly planes, Ground training, Drill, Endurance marches, parachuting, shooting. i am not sure about the USAF but in the RAF in Britain there is a the RAF Regiment which is like a ground force section of the Royal Air Force. Kind of like the Navy's answer is the Marines both RAF Regiment and Royal Marines are "Highly Trained and Disciplined" they both are "Elite Forces" yet but have their flaws

There won't be fast things in are world

Brown uniform with brown pants and tshirt

in world war one it was light blue and in world war two it was normal blue

roc royal does like animals

It looks like every other teams uniform, but in a different color.

It was a black suit with some green kinda like uniforms in the army

well a black bistro uniform looks like a chef uniform but black and without the hat. __________________________________________________________________

it depends what kind of uniform it is. if it is a boy scout uniform, that's kind of geeky but if its a school uniform, that's hot.-especialy with a tie.

I like wearing uniform.Keep your uniform clean at all times.You will get your uniform tomorrow.The police unicorn had his very own uniform.

Normal uniform like we see on soldiers today!

Here is photos of what the uniform looks like its really neat Jaguars Uniform

You need to buy Add on Content to get the Army Uniform but it isnt like the uniform in the begining of the game in France.

By definition, a "uniform" is designed to be the same as everyone else. In order to add individual style to any uniform, one must alter the uniform which will make it no longer a uniform. It sucks, but a uniform is designed to make you look just like everyone else in a uniform.

No, this sounds like a bit of a mixup. RAAF is the Royal Australian Air Force. They had a series of biplanes named the Hawker Demon.

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