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What was Thomas Edisons favorite invetion?

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What is thomas edisons favorite invention?

the photogragher

What was Thomas Edisons favorite number?


Thomas Edisons favorite color?

Thomas Alva Edison's favorite color is blue.

What was Thomas Edisons favorite invention?

it was the light bulb

What is Thomas Edisons education?

what was thomas edisons education

What is thomas edisons favorite movie?

According to an online source, Birth of a Nation.

What were thomas edisons favorite school subjects in school?

His favourite subject is Science

What where Thomas Edisons parents job?

what where thomas edisons parents jobs

What was Thomas Edisons favorite book?

He really liked the bookThomas Paine's Age of Reason...he claimed it inspired him.

What was Thomas Edisons favorite thing to do?

Thomas Edison loved experimenting with things from childhood.Thomas Edison's favourite thing to do was Invent.

What was thomas edisons favorite color?

The favorite color of Thomas Edison is not know. His favorite possession was his typewriter, his favorite author was Jules Verne, and he greatly admired Samuel Morse.

What was Thomas Edison's favorite things to do for fun?

tmomas edisons favorita food was apple dumplings

Name one of Thomas Edisons invention?

one of thomas edisons inventions were the phoneograph and ther light bulb

What were Thomas Edisons acomplishments?

His favorite invention was the phonograph, and he did not invent the light bulb, he improved on a 50-year-old design.

What was Thomas Edisons address?


What were Thomas Edisons accomplishment?

did a job

What was thomas edisons invention?

A phonograph. :)

What was thomas edisons profession?


Thomas Edisons full name?

Thomas Alva Edison

What is Thomas Edisons full name?

Thomas alva Edison

What is Thomas edisons children name?

marion,thomas and william

What is Thomas Edison's weaknesses?

thomas edisons weakness was his inventions

What was Thomas Edisons favorite TV shows?

TV had just been invented and they didn't have regulars show to watch. He died in 1931.

What is thomas Edisons family background?


What was the cause of Thomas Edisons death?

a coma