What was Tintern Abbey?

Tintern is a small village in Wales, not far from the Severn Estuary (easy afternoon trip from Bristol!) and literally right next to the English border. The border is the river Wye, beside which the village was built.

The main features in Tintern are a ruined abbey, which is in relatively decent state and rather a tourist attraction, and the walk up on the English side of the river to the Devil's Pulpit, a rock outcrop with great views across to Tintern.

According to legend, a local group of witches used to meet there while the Devil watched from his seat, until the abbey church was built with its altar end facing towards the Devil's Pulpit (instead of the more usual East), at which point the witches turned to stone and their fire to the gnarled tree which grows there now.

I can't remember details of which order built the abbey or when it was built, but it's run by CADW so there should be details on their website.