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St. Valentine of Rome was a third century priest or bishop in Rome. He refused to obey the emperor's order to stop marriages and continued to marry couples in secret. He was taken prisoner and beheaded about the year 269.

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Be my valentine in Spanish?

Saying "Be my valentine" in spanish is Ser my valentine

What is the difference between Bullet For My Valentine and My Bloody Valentine?

Bullet for my Valentine is a band. My bloody valentine is a movie

What is the Latin word for Valentine?

Valentinus is the Latin for Valentine, as in St. Valentine.

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Who sent the earliest known valentine and to whom was it sent?

It is said that St. Valentine sent a valentine to the Jailer's Daughter and he signed it "From Your Valentine"

Did anyone quote St. Valentine?

Everyone who sends a Valentine on February 14 that says "From Your Valentine" is quoting Saint Valentine.

Who is known as the 'Mother of the Valentine'?

Mother of the Valentine?Howland, known as the Mother of the Valentine..

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What is the plural of Valentine?

the plural of valentine is valentines

Who sent the first valentine?

St. Valentine

Who is Vincent valentine father?

Grimoire Valentine

What movie title has valentine in it?

My Bloody Valentine

Who is the originator of valentine?

basil st valentine

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What is the origin of the word 'Valentine'?

There was a man named St. Valentine and they use his name.

Who did Saint Valentine give the first Valentine to?

St. Valentine of Rome did not pass out 'Valentines.' He did, however, give a letter to his friend, the daughter of his jailer, and signed it "From Your Valentine."

How is Valentine's Day celebrated in the US?

People give valentine cards to their valentine or have diner with their valentine. Ususally it is a boy who asks the question "Would you like to be my valentine?".

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