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he was amn in the industrial revolution he did not care about it

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How did agricultural revolution contribute to the industrial revolution in Great Britain

What turn or change took place because of the American revolution

Why is the democracy considered the best form of government

How did European imperialism in Africa and Asia differ from one another

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Q: What was William Blake's view on the Industrial Revolution?
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Industrial Revolutions effect on the world view of other countries?

effect of the industrial revolution on other countries

How did contemporaries view the Industrial Revolution?

just read your book you will know the answer :D

How did the Industrial Revolution change Europe's view of the economic worth of Africa's natural resources?

It increased it.

How did the middle class view the poor during the Industrial Revolution?

it sucked write ur own answer

How were the mental hygiene films' of post World War 2 connected to the Industrial Revolution and Progressive Movement?

Mental hygiene films of the post World War 2 era are connected to the Industrial Revolution and Progressive Movement because they focus on the humanistic view promoted during that time.

What was a negative effect of the industrial revolution?

1) Massive Pollution 2) Depending on your point of view, there was an immense amount of child labor 3) Horrid working conditions

What is an explaination of aristotles theory of revolution?

Aristotal view on Revolution

What was the federalists view on the economy?

Commercial & Industrial

Was the Industrial Revolution a triumph or a tragedy?

It depends on your point of view. It was a triumph for industry and most importantly the consumers, but it was a tragedy for the proletariat because it made their living conditions worse as a result of urbanization.

How does industrial and nonindustrial societies view art and artists?


How does William sylvis view the industrial capitalists of his day?

He believed that two economic classes competed to rule the capitalists

What was Lenins view on the November revolution in 1917?

He was for it.

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