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Q: What was William t Sherman's allegiance to?
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William T shermans personality traits?

determined, courageous

What was william t shermans destructive campaing through the south called?

The March to the Sea

Who was shermans?

William Tecumseh Sherman was an Union commanding general in the Civil war.

Did any of William t shermans kids live in Louisiana?

Sherman and his family had lived in New Orleans in the years leading up to the war. He had made many friends there, and warned them that they had no hope of winning.

Who was an important person in the battle of shermans march to the sea?

willam t. sherman

What is William t shermans height?

If he topped 5'8" it would surprise me... I would venture 5'6" with a 31" waist. Likely a slender, whipcord, banty rooster of a man. In that era, 6 feet was a giant.

What is Shermans Army?

Sherman's army was the civil war army commanded by General William Tecumseh Sherman.

What clergyman did not swear allegiance to William and Mary?

I think they were called nonjurors

Was William Franklin a traitor in the Revolution?

No, he was Loyal to the Crown. To be a traitor one has to change sides or allegiance, which William never did.

When did William T. Davis die?

William T. Davies died in 1912.

How many different ways are there to do the Bloody Mary trick?

Shermans, they are eveywhere, Shermans, they will give you a scare, Shermans, look into the mirror and stare stare stare. <3

What was the name of shermans trip through the cofederate territory known as shermans?

March to Sea