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What was a Colonial American Hornsmith?

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Found the answer Hornsmith-used animal horn, softened it, flattened it into sheets, clarified it and made tortoise shell combs, buttons, hornbooks. Definition from

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What tools did the colonial hornsmith artisan use?

The horn smiths made horn spoons, horns, horn lanterns, comb vises, and horn combs. When these objects were made, thes objects were made with wood

What tools did a colonial hornsmith use?

horn smiths use... horn comb, cow horn, saw, powder horn, horn cup, horn button, jack knife, horn spoon, comb vise.

How democratic was colonial American society?

The Colonial American society was very democratic.

What was a cobbler in the colonial American jobs?

Did a cobbler in the colonial american make and fix shoes

What colonial American were?

Colonial American were what people be lived in America colonial style. They ruled by the mean British and fed up with the King. Formed America.

What was the tone of American colonial literature?

The tone of American colonial literature was one of hope, fear, and intimidation.

What is the economic system of American colonial period?

i don't like American colonial

How did American Samoa get its nickname?

Samoa is a colonial countries, Long time ago,it have been German colonial. Then they were now American colonial and control it! !of course , American Samoa Belongs to the east of Samoa area

What influenced the social structure of American colonial cities from 1690 to 1770?

the social structure of American colonial cities from 1690 to 1770 was influenced by

What was the main occupation in colonial American?

farming :)

What were the Native American in colonial Maryland?


What are some colonial American games?


What is the strongest colonial American gun?


What is an native American?

A native American is an American who is descended from the pre-colonial people who inhabited America.

What years did the American colonial period take up?

The American colonial period refers to the time when America was British colonies, before becoming an independent nation. The years considered the colonial period were 1607-1776.

Why to be a patriot in colonial times or the American revolution?

During the Colonial times this was when society desired independence from the crown. In the American Revolution, it was focused on the war against the crown.

Primers and hornbooks are popular Colonial American?


What did Colonial American Gunsmiths wear while they worked?


Who were the African American in the colonial Maryland?

Benjamin Franklin

Was the American Civil War during colonial times?


Who helped the pilgrims in colonial American?

john smith

What was the name of the American colonial army?

The Continental Army.

What were the names of the colonial that fought in American revolution?


Anglo American women in colonial times?

Anglo American women had few rights in colonial times. They could not own property unless they were widowed and were not able to vote.

Is there postcolonial African American literature?

bell hooks is a mojor contributor not only to Post colonial African American literature but also to post colonial feminist discourse.

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