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Q: What was a concern that NASA had with the space race?
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What was NASA originally for?

to beast the USSR in the space race

What was the reason for the creation of NASA?

The reason for creating NASA was basically to compete with Russia in the Space Race.

Who was NASA racing in the space race?

The USSR (a.k.a. the Soviet Union or Russia)

What happens if NASA goes out of business?

If NASA goes out of business it eliminates the chance for the U.S to be involved in an "arms race" in space, which is a race for space militarization and from there will lead to a race to put nuclear weapons in space. And even if they don't go out of business that will happen. When it happens NASA will have to close business because with all the weapons in space it would be to risky to send a projectile to interfere with nukes and cause a war

What best describes the meaning of the space race in the US?

The start of the National Aeronautics Space Administration known as NASA.

Why does nasa have a hiden V in all of there space patches?

the hidden "V" stands for Victory. Nasa, as of all other space Programs are in a race to see who can get the farthest into space. The V helps us remember our position.

Why was the NASA formed?

Also, it was made to compete in the "space race" with Russia during the cold war.

Who is the 1st president of NASA?

Dwight Eisenhower. President Eisenhower created NASA in response to the Sputnik crisis with the space race against the Soviet Union

How many missions were created by the US in the space race?

There were 11 mission created by the United States in the space race. Since the men landed on the moon, there have been over 100 space missions by NASA.

How did the cold war influence the development and early goals of nasa?

There was a space race going on between US and Russia. The US wanted to win the space race and put a lot of money in the NASA. Main goal in 1969 was the moon, US wanted to go there first.

What event resulted in the creation of NASA?

In 1958, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) created NASA as a result of the space race between Russia and the United States.

Did China France and Canada join the space race against NASA?

No there competing over who has the best chicken nuggets