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What was a woman's role before World War 2?


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A "Homemaker" meaning cleaning house, cooking, doing wifely duties, looking after children. During these times men usually didn't like their wives to work because it meant they were incapable of providing for their families. A few young women would work in department stores or become secretaries, but once married their duties were at home. When WWII came and the men went off to war women worked in Munition Factories, packed parachutes, worked on planes (that's where Rosie The Riveter came from) and got a taste of what it really was like to work and that they had more going for them than just being at home and serving their husband's every whim. Once the men came back from the war the government made the big mistake of telling these women to "go back home to raise your children, etc." and this did not sit well with the women. They continued to fight their way in the man's business world and do so to this day.