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Q: What was adolf hitlers main goal in persecuting the Jews?
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What were hitlers goal in the holocaust?

Adolf's Hitler goal in the holocaust was to get rid of all the Jews from Germany.

Was Adolf Hitlers goal to get rid of all the jewish people?


What was adolf hitlers ultimate goal?

To kill all Jews that roamed the world to destroy demolish burn and elimanate every Jew in the entire universe!!!!!!!

What was hitlers goal to having the holocaust?

He wanted to exterminate the Jews.

What was Hitlers goal for Germany?


What was the main goal of Nazis in the 1930s?

The Nazis followed Adolf Hitler, whose goal was to wipe out the Jews and conquer the world. Hilter was an antisemitist and believed that Germans were superior to Jews so Jews don't have the same right to live.

Who didn't Hitler like in the World War 2?

Adolf Hitler hated the Jews, that is why he let the Holocaust take place ( the time when he executed the 6,000,000 Jews), and he hated Africans. Adolf Hitlers goal was to make the PERFECT race of WHITE people. This is why he hated the Jews and Africans and I am sure some other cultures, because he wanted there to be only WHITE people. And he got rid of lots of crippled and sick people. because he wanted it to be a Perfect race.

What was hitlers goal in his early life?

art painter

What was Hitlers long term goal?

To take over the world.

What was the goal of the final solution-?

There was one goal that Hitler had for the final solution. Hitlers goal was to get rid of all the people that was not like him.

What were Adolf Hitler's goals in Europe?

it is considered that his goal was to take over the world, and the people that he believed were causing problems for his army were Jews.(Hinse the consentration camps).

What was hitlers ultimate goal in launching world war 2?

World Domination

What was hitlers goal in hosting the 1936 games?

To display germany's power and ideas

What was Adolf Hitlers goal in life?

To make Germany a strong and powerful country. In order to do that, HE THOUGHT it was best to destroy and get out all Jews - he said that they poisoned the German bloods - -when he came to power, he made show no German person had sex or married a Jew. His goal was make Germany the most powerful country in the world - beat Britain - that's why he declared war on Britain by breaking the treaty - he didnt want Germany to be ruled by England.

The goals of Hitlers Nazi Party?

The goal of the nazi party was to take over all of the world.

What was the goal of the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews?


What was hitlers goal against russia?

he wanted to gain oil feilds and strong wheat farming lands

How did Hitler attempt to achieve his racist goal of establishing the cominance of the Geraman Aryan?

He murdered all non-aryans :( My improved answer is: Adolf Hitler murdered all non-German people such as the Jews and many more...

What was a goal of the Nazi's?

kill jews and rule the world

What was one of the main goal of the Nazi?

To exterminate the Jews.

Why were Jews afraid of Nazis?

Because the Nazis blamed the world's problems on the Jews and so their goal was to kill all of the Jews.

What did Adolf Hitler want to do with the Jews?

Hitler made it clear that he wanted the Jews to be gone from Germany. When it became clear that no country would take them off of his hands, he proceeded to plan the extermination of the Jewish people in massive concentration camps. His goal was to remove the Jews (fellow human beings) in the same way that homeowners wish to remove cockroaches.

What was the main goal of the Nazi's in the 1930?

To kill all the Jews

Did Hitler achieve his goal in killing the Jews?

No, some lived.

What was the Nazi party's goal?

To kill over 70,000 Jews