The Great Depression

What was alphabet soup during the great depression?


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Alphabet soup is New Deal programs created to provide relief, reform, and recovery for American citizens.

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Charities and public agencies ran the soup lines during the Great Depression.

It refers to the New Deal programs that were established to counter the Great Depression. The numerous abbreviations used for the numerous number of agencies led to the reference "alphabet soup"

Must of been the so-called "alphabet soup" that helped like the AAA, CCC, WPA, TVA, SSB.

They provided food for the unemployed ...

probably soup that was easy to make so there would be enough to go around.

Bread lines were basically what we call soup kitchens now. The government supplied food to people in need during the Great Depression.

they made potato soup and tomato soup and mushroom soup

they ate stuff like canned fruit and soup and bread and eggs

The "soup kitchens" were set up in the streets to feed the starving population, The most nutritional food that is cheap and easy to produce is soup.

We give school children especially now they stay home with empty stomach

While there's no definitive number, it's been estimated that several million people relied on soup kitchens during the Depression. The related link below offers more details.

the government was too lazy to pay the money for the soup kitchens so they had to have volunteers to pay for the soups get it got it good

Soup kitchens were important during the Great Depression because it was another free way for the homeless or the starving to eat. They were usually huge rooms with long wooden tables. They used soup because it was the cheapest way to make food. All it was water and vegetables. Sometimes the vegetables came from the trash out side of restaurants.

Alphabet soup is a variety of soup which contains noodles in the shape of alphabetical letters.

The alphabet soup is a heterogeneous mixture.

Breadlines and soup kitchens were a common sight during the Great Depression. These soup kitchens and breadlines were commonly run by charities and church organizations. They handed out warm meals and bread to people in need. The lines to such places were at times miles long.

they got soup from charities. But rich people just bought the food they needed themselves.

Alphabet soup has very small noodles in it that have been cut into shapes of the letters of the alphabet.


Alphabet Soup Children's Entertainment was created in 2000.

Campbell's is the most popular brand of alphabet soup. Campbell is an extremely popular American brand. Other than alphabet soup, they also sell chicken noodle soup, mushroom soup and many more.

All letters are in the soup, but some are cut or broken, so you don't reconize them. In Cambell's Alphabet soup, there is no "F".

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