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Negro History Week

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Q: What was black history month called before it came?
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When was black history week made?

There is no Black History week Jackass. It's called Black History Month and it was made to be in February

When is Black history month in Canada?

What Month is Black history month in Canada

Who was the father of Negro History Week which is now called Black History Month?

The father of Negro History Week, which is now called Black History Month, was Carter G. Woodson. He established Negro History Week in 1926 to bring attention to the contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history. The week was later expanded to a month-long celebration in 1976.

What month is black history celebrated?

Black history month is about the people that fought our right such as discrimination, civil rights, prejudice ,and racism.

Why is Bill Cosby featured in black history month?

because he is black" This answer shows that Bill Cosby is a Black person but, it does not mean he could have been in Black history month. Well I actually searched google before I answered the question and the answer was Yes. He was in Black History Month.Thanks for asking."

Is Will Smith in black history month?

Is he black than yes anyone whos black is in black history month

Who called February black history month?

Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Why do you have black history month?

we have black history month to remember the hard times for the blacks.

What year was negro black history month turned into black history month?


How many days are in black history month?

There are 28 in February since it is Black History month.

Who established black history month?

Carter G. Woodson Established Black History Month

When was Black History Month - song - created?

Black History Month - song - was created in 1979.