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Charles Dickens was married to Catherine Thomson Hogarth. Their children's names were Mary, Kate, Walter, Francis, Alfred, Sydney, Henry, Dora, Edward, and Charles Dickens JR.

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Charles Dickens's wife was Catherine Hogarth Dickens. They had ten children: Charles, Mary, Kate, Walter, Francis, Alfred, Sydney, Henry, Dora, and Edward.

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Q: What was charles dickens wife and children called?
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How many children did Charles Dickens have with his wife Catherine?

Charles Dickens had 10 children with his wife Catherine.

How many children does Charles Dickens have?

Charles Dickens has 10 children

Who was Charles Dickens' wife?

Charles Dickens' wife was Catherine Hogarth. They were married in 1836 and had 10 children together before separating in 1858.

What job did Charles Dickens' wife have?

Charles Dickens' wife was a tailor.

Who is Charles dickens wife that had 10 children with him?

Dickens married Catherine Hogarth on April 2, 1836.

How many children did john dickens have?

Eight: * Frances (Fanny) Elizabeth Dickens * Charles Dickens * Frederick Dickens * Alfred Lamert Dickens * Augustus Dickens * Letitia Dickens * Harriet Dickens * Augustus Newnham Dickens

What family did Charles Dickens have?

Charles Dickens is an extremely famous author who lived in 19th century England. His family consisted of seven siblings, his wife, and their ten children.

Did Charles Dickens die before or after his wife?

Charles Dickens died in 1870 which was 12 years after his wife's passing in 1858.

Who was the first person Charles dickens f?

Charles Dickens' first wife was Catherine Hogarth, whom he married in 1836. They had ten children together before their marriage ended in 1858.

What was Charles Dickens first play called?

Charles Dickens' first play was called "Is She His Wife?" and was first published in 1837. It was a one-act farce that was performed at St. James's Theatre in London.

Who was Charles Dickens third wife?

Charles Dickens was married only once, to Catherine Hogarth in 1836.

How did Charles Dickens's wife die?

Catherine Dickens died of cancer, years after she and Charles separated in 1879.