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South Carolina was first founded in 1663 by King Charles II, but then he gave it to 8 English nobles. South Carolina became a colony in 1729.

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Q: What was colonial South Carolina like and who founded it?
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What type of government did colonial South Carolina have?

The government in colonial South Carolina is a proprietery colony.They were proprietary like North Carolina, but later became a royal colony.

What did people like to do in colonial South Carolina?

Eat watermelon

What did colonial South Carolina housing look like?

they look like mansions

What was colonial South Carolina's relationship with the natives like?

Well, South Carolina broke out in many fights and wars for land.

What are the colonial and territorial days of South Carolina?

that sounds like a you problem (: |: .

What was the land like in colonial South Carolina?

it has sandy beaches and in the middle of it it is marshy

Did did colonial South Carolina have religious tolerance?

Well it appears that they do not like the Quakers because they are not very nice.

What was the daily life in colonial South Carolina like?

theres been a lot of farming and rice planting

What was the government in colonial Carloina?

in South Carolina a rule called the fundemental orders of South Carolina(or something like that) came out written by john Locke. the governors in norht and South Carolina did nto do very well on keeping the colonists safe from stuff.

What was North Carolina like before statehood?

It was a part of the colony Carolina before it split up into North Carolina and South Carolina. It was a southern colony. Look up what the southern colonies were like in the colonial era for more information.

What was the economy of the South Carolina colony like?

In colonial times the economy of many of the Southern states including that of South Carolina depended upon the growing of cash crops, crops that could be sold for a profit.

What was the education like in colonial 1700's South Carolina?

Education in 1700's South Carolina was based on European systems. There was no formal education at first, and only wealthy women could be educated.

What was colonial North Carolina's plantation like?


What was the culture of colonial North Carolina like?


What was colonial life like in the south?

colonial life was like a stopid country

What colonial region do you like best?

I believe everyone has their own personal favorites. As for me, being a country boy, originally born and raised in South Carolina. I would have to say that the Southern colonial region is my favorite.

What was housing like in colonial times in South Carolina?

they all had 5000 foot mansions and heated hot tubs and swimming pools, they also had badays

What was life like in colonial North Carolina?

Colonial life in North Carolina was a busy one. Chores for everyone including children, began before dawn. Animals had to be fed, crops had to be tended to, laundry and housework had to be done, and meals had to be cooked. Sunday was usually the only day of rest and on that day most people attended church. what about south carolina

What is it like in South Carolina?


Is South Carolina known for its BBQ?

South Carolina,unlike North Carolina, is not known for its BBQ. South Carolina is known for its gays and dirty hippies. It is also known as the state on the coast trying to be like Florida.

What kind of Dolphins live in South Carolina?

The waters off of South Carolina are home to bottle nose dolphins. There are 79 species of dolphins but this one seems to like South Carolina.

What does South Carolina look like?

It looks like it is old

What is the land like in south Carolina?

It is nice

What is it like in Charleston South Carolina?


What was life like for North Carolina colonial slaves?

The life for North Carolina colonial slaves was not pleasant in any way. They were subjected to heavy work and poor living conditions among other evils.