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What type of government did colonial South Carolina have?

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The government in colonial South Carolina is a proprietery colony.
They were proprietary like North Carolina, but later became a royal colony.

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Well, it first started out as a proprietary colony.....after that....i am not sure....i believe that it slowly became the type of government it is today....

In 1750 South Carolina was a British Colony. It was a major site of plantations and the African American slave population was in majority.

The first type of government in colonial New Jersey was called a Concession type of government.

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The primary economy of colonial North Carolina was based on agriculture. The most common crop was cotton along with corn and wheat.

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In South Carolina three cities to go to would be Rock Hill, Charleston, andColumbia, and by the way Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina.

You caveman? You type like one. Me help you answer tough question. You mean 'What is the original name of South Carolina?' Go to Wikipedia, type in 'South Carolina', then READ. It's in there somewhere. Did you even try to find the answer first?

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democratic governmentThe colony of Maryland had a Proprietary Government at first and then came to have a Royal Government.

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South Carolina is now a state of the U. S. Before the American Revolution, it was a colony of Great Britain.

Royal colonies type of colonial government was most disliked by settlers. These colonies were under direct supervision of the King.

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