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What was expected from women when the war started?


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Women were expected to keep the homefront running.


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They were expected to work in factory jobs.

They were expected to take over men's jobs.

The role of women in the world started to change, and that women started to enter the defense forces

Women were expected to take an active, non military role in the Revolution

women started to go to war in the Vietnam war in the 1960s

Leave their jobs and return home.

i think women wanted to join the civil war because since men started to die women started to join:)

women were expected to take on the responsibilty like taking care of the children and clean and so forth. Many were expected to work in factories until the men came back, and some went to war.

No, but they expected the men to fight.

They were expected to give up their jobs.

The women started doing different kinds of jobs during the Civil War, that they hadn't done before.

women started to wear trousers during world war II

More women started working outside the home.

They were expected to give up their jobs - apex

its because of shortage of labourers who are mainly men but who are at war .to compensate it women started working in factories,industries etc.

well when the war started no but as the the war got one yes the girls did because all the men had to fight. :)

They first served in world war two which started in 1939 and went to 1945,

- Women are expected to get married - Women are expected to have children especially boys to be an army - Women are expected to keep quiet when men are around and they are not allowed to interrupt them when men are having a conversation

Women were expected to influence their husbands and children to be good americans.

Women were expected to obey all their male family members.

Women started working in factories during World War 1. Men went to war to fight. This left factories without workers, so women had to work at them.

Prior to World War II, women typically did not work. They stayed home and ran the household. Once the men left for the war, women started taking their places in industry.

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