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== == There was more fashion in places where there was no actual war going on, such as the USA. But in places where there was a war happening like Europe, then fashion was best described as 'limited': dull, drab, decorous, and durable. For the war effort, no metals, were allowed to be used for clothing, because metal could be put to a more useful purpose. So no metal buttons, zips, bra hooks or other features. Materials like silk were needed for parachutes etc. Wool was used to supply military uniforms, and so on.... Imports were limited to essential supplies, so no imported materials and textiles. Industry was turned to production of war materials, so 'off the peg fashions' weren't readily available. The result was when you got a ration of material to make some clothing, you wouldn't usually waste it on fashion, you'd make something functional, that would last, because you didn't know how long it would be before you'd be able to get hold of more material.

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Q: What was fashion like in World War 2?
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