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It was the Treaty of Versailles. Also YOR MUM bi's

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What did president Wilson mean by the phrase peace without victory'?

that the terms of peace should not punish the defeated nations

Why did some Europeans have faith in these leaders?

This question cannot be answered without knowing which leaders are you are referring to. You may resubmit your question by letting us know which leaders, which nations and the time era.

Which nations leaders dominated the Paris Peace Conference?

Great Britain, Italy, U.S., and France. The Paris Peace Conference would have not been dominated without the "help" of those countries' leaders. xoxo, Lila

Who was defeated in the Persian Wars?

The Persians were defeated, as they were forced to withdraw from Greece without fully accomplishing their objectives.

When does ponyboy say was the first time he saw johnny without the defeated look?

The only time Ponyboy can remember seeing Johnny without a defeated, suspicious look in his eye when he was saving the children in the church.

Was Hannibal a bad leader?

On the contrary. Hannibal would have had to be an outstandingly good leader to keep his army together, which was always badly outnumbered by the Romans, and operating without support from Carthage in Roman territory for fifteen years without being decisively defeated. A bad leader would not have been able to accomplish what Hannibal did. There are good leaders who are bad generals, and there are good generals who are bad leaders, but Hannibal was both a good general and a good leader.

What was the League of Nations designed to do?

Provide a forum for nations to discuss and settle their grievances without having to resort to war

Nations without states?

are assisted by the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), which works to facilitate access to the United Nations on human rights and indigenous population issues.

A government is which leaders rule without any restrictions?

Unlimited Government

Which leaders make decisions without consulting others first?

An autocratic

When is the only time ponyboy can remember seeing Johnny without a defeated suspicious look in his eyes?

The only time Ponyboy can remember seeing Johnny without a defeated, suspicious look in his eye when he was saving the children in the church.

What countries do not have child labor?

There are no nations without some child labor, including the USA and UK. Developed nations REGULATE, but do not prohibit it.

How effective was the league of nations without the US as a member?

it was not very effective.

How do you unlock Tak in Nicktoons Basketball?

to unlock tak beat the season (without being defeated)

How does globalization lead to interdependance among nations?

Globalization leads to the interdependence of nations because of its ability to make rich nations richer and poor nations even poorer. Without the cooperation of a particular country, another country's economy can fail.

The president may make treaties with foreign nations without approval from congress?


Best dragon on dragonfable?

Sepulchure's dragon, Fluffy. As far as I know no one has defeated him without cheats.

Who defeated cell?

gohan and goku without gokus spirit gohan would have given up true.

What was a deserters?

A deserter is a person that leaves his position in the military without the permision of his/her military leaders.

How did Lincoln expand powers as president?

He jailed secessionist leaders in Maryland without trial.

How do you use HMS without beating all gym leaders Pokemon platinum?

You can't.

Why did Maryland not secede?

Because Lincoln had jailed its pro-Confederate leaders (without trial!)

How did Wilson differ from other leaders at the Versailles conference?

He wanted peace without a victory.

Can you re-battle gym leaders without their numbers in soul silver?

No, sorry.

Can you re challenge the gym leaders in Pokémon's black and white without cheats?


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