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Nazi Germany and the Third Reich were Hitlers German empire names.

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Q: What was hitlers german empire name?
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Hitler's German empire?

No, Hitlers Nazi Empire

What was Adolf Hitlers name For the new German empire?

Third Reich Hitler wanted to call the new German Reich.

What was the name for Hitlers empire?

The third reich

What was the name of Hitlers German Shepherd?

His dogs name was Charlie.

What was Hitlers dog's name?

He had a German Shepherd named Blondi.

Name given to new German empire?

There is no new German empire.

Who was Hitlers successor?

Hitlers Successor was Karl Donitz, he was a german. Karl Dönitz

Was Hitler's Germany an empire?

Yes Hitlers Germany was an empire

What was the German Empire?

German Empire is the name often given in English to Germany from 1871-1918.

What was the name of adolfs hitlers army?

The National Socialist German Workers army or Nazi army for short.

Whats hitlers dogs name?

Hitler's dogs name was Blondi. She was a German Shepherd that was given to him as a gift by Martin Bormann in 1941.

Adolf Hitlers mother was what German?

She was Austrian.

What breed was hitlers dog?

German Shepherd

What was Hitlers political party?

Hitlers political party was the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi party.

What is Hitlers race?

He was German by race and came from a German family, although he was born in Austria.

What Religion Was Hitlers Father?

Hitler and his father were German.

What bred was hitlers dog?

A German Shepherd Dog.

What was hitlers job in 1945?

In the early part of 1945 (until April 30th 1945 specifically), he was Chancellor of the German Empire.On April 30th of 1945, he was dead.

What was the name of the ruler of the new unified German empire?


What was one of hitlers goals for the German race?

Racial purity

What was Adolf Hitlers role in WW2?

He was the German leader or Fuhrer.

What was hitlers party?

The National Socialist German Workers Party.

What was hitlers role in the World War 2?

he was the German chancellor

Was adoplh hitlers mother Jewish?

No his mother was a German. NOT JEWISH.

What was Hitlers moms name?

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

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