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Conquest, acquisition of land, honor and, most of all, power.

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Did Charlemagne think that education was important?

Yes, very. Charlemagne encouraged educational reform.

What was Charlemagne belief?

Charlemagne felt that learning was extremely important and started what became known as the "Carolingian Renaissance".

Why Charlemagne important?

i guess cause he was a king of franks

Why is the sword so important to Charlemagne?

Charlemagne is said always to have carried a sword. Also his favorite sword is said to have been one called Joyeuse. Joyeuse is mentioned in literature many times, and remained important as a relic of Charlemagne's life. I have not seen a reason it was so important to Charlemagne, but the is a link to an article on it below.

Why did Charlemagne encourage learning?

Charlemagne appreciated the importance of education and regretted having missed out on education when he was a child. He realised that it was important for administration and good statesmanship.

Why was Charlemagne important?

If he wouldn't of have been there people would still be in the dark ages.

WHY is Charlemagne and important figure in European history?

i dont know im asking you..

Were Arts and learning important in the Age of Charlemagne?

Arts and learning were very important to Charlemagne. He founded schools and made policies designed to make his country literate. The period of his reign is called the Carolingian Renaissance because of the importance of culture in his time.

What is the area of Villiers-Charlemagne?

The area of Villiers-Charlemagne is 27.57 square kilometers.

Who was King Charlemagne?

A king that was named charlemagne

How many kids did Charlemagne have?

Charlemagne had many women he married and divorced. Charlemagne had at least 18 children.

What kind of man was Charlemagne?

Charlemagne was bad ass!!

Did Charlemagne kill his sons?

Charlemagne did not kill his sons.

What did Charlemagne led?

Charlemagne led The Franks, or The Germans

Was Charlemagne educated?

It is recorded that Charlemagne could not write, read.

When was Charlemagne born?

Charlemagne was born on April 2, 742.

What religion was Charlemagne in?

Christianity King Charlemagne was a Roman Catholic.

Who ruled after Charlemagne?

Louis the Pious ruled next after Charlemagne.

How many wife and kids did Charlemagne have?

charlemagne had NO kids with his wife .

When was Charlemagne building created?

Charlemagne building was created in 1967.

When was Manno Charlemagne born?

Manno Charlemagne was born in 1948.

When was Charlemagne Anyamah born?

Charlemagne Anyamah was born in 1938.

When was The Coronation of Charlemagne created?

The Coronation of Charlemagne was created in 1517.

What is the ISBN of The Charlemagne Pursuit?

The ISBN of The Charlemagne Pursuit is 9780345485793.

When was The Charlemagne Pursuit created?

The Charlemagne Pursuit was created in 2008.

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