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Boy, this question brings back memories! I remember seeing Jim Post there in the on-campus Amazing Grace back in '74. It was a very intimate and awesome performance. After that they moved to the Main Street area of Evanston. I remember seeing James Taylor's brother perform there. I dug around and found this comprehensive pdf you may want to download. I spent all my Babysitting money on the Amazing Grace Coffee House. I saw amazing performers there. Here's a list I recall: Odetta (I paid about 75 cents to see her), Steve Goodman, John Prine, Livingston Taylor, Sam Leopold, Kenny Bloom, Jim Post, Emmylou Harris, Redwood Landing, and more, but that's all I recall at the moment. It was an amazing place for teens since you could hear incredible performers/musicians and age didn't matter since they didn't serve alcohol. I wish that my 16 year old had a place like this to go. It was one of my fondest memories of childhood. It was a small ranchlike house right on the Northwestern campus and off the lakefront in Evanston. I just recall I was there pretty much every weekend and got all my friends hooked on it. I'm still playing guitar and I owe my interest to the Amazing Grace Coffee House. I hope that someone can put a clip on you tube. It would be great!

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Q: What was it like in the Amazing Grace coffeehouse?
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