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To be a Russian soldier during WWII was a scary thing. Because of Stalin's purges, the officer corps had been decimated. There was little innovation going on, because if you thought outside of the box, you might just draw the attention of the NKVD (the precursor to the KGB). The Soviet style of combat attack was fairly typical. They would start of with an artillery barrage, line the troops up, and attack. Some of the more experienced or innovative officers who had survived the purge would use flank attacks, misdirection, etc. But the vast majority would use sheer numbers. Stalin had a saying, "Quantity has a quality of its own." So the life of a Soviet soldier was as miserable as his counterparts. Problem was that in an assault, the NKVD and political officers (commissars) were behind the attacking troops, ready to kill any who tried to retreat. Due to this, many Soviet soldiers were very fatalistic about the war. it was very hash conditions

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Q: What was it like to be a Russian soldier in World War 2?
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