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Watch the movies "Tora! Tora! Tora!" and "Pearl Harbor". They give a pretty good idea. Michael Montagne

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Q: What was it like when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?
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What did the Japanese do after they attacked Pearl Harbor?

ran like the cowards they were

What direction did the Japanese planes come from the Pearl Harbor attack?

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor they came out of the sun or the East so that it would look like they were coming from America at first.

What was Pearl Harbor like before it was attacked?

Peaceful and Tranquil.

Why did the Japanese decide to attack Pearl Harbor?

They felt like it.

Wy did the Japanese attack pearl harbor?

because they felt like it

What was the relationship between the US and Japan like after Pearl Harbor?

??? What do you THINK the relationship would be? Japan had just attacked a terretory of the United States, and killed U.S. citizens. At that point, the U.S. military was prepared to destroy Japan as an enemy. After Pearl Harbor, it was not good to be Japanese.

When did the japan attack Pearl Harbor?

that's crazy2001, that was 9/11 osama bin laden was like Muslim or something, pearl harbor was attacked December 7 1941

What was the relationship like between the Japanese and the American before the Pearl Harbor?

They were trade partners

Why did the Philippines join World War 2?

Because the Japanese also attacked the Philippines on 7 December 1941. Pearl Harbor got all of the headlines, but other places like Guam, Wake, Midway and Singapore were also attacked.

Did the Japanese bomb the hospital at Pearl Harbor?

No.This is just hollywood trying to make the japanese look like apes.

Why is December 7 known in the us as pearl harbor day?

On the morning of December 7, 1941 350 Japanese planes attacked the base at Pearl Harbor and sunk ships and killed US sailors on the ships. Until 9-11 that was the only attack on US soil and just like we honor the people who died in NY we honor the men and women who died at Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was the start of the United States joining the allies in the war against Hitler and the Japanese. It became a two front war.

What was pearl harbor like before the bombings by the Japanese?

The same as US Naval bases in California.

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