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How did the rise of dictorship and the attack on pearl harbor cause the united states to become involved in world war 2?


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The Dictatorship and the attack in Pearl Harbor caused the US to become into the war because it was in America. This is what started World War 2.

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Minoru Genda was the one who planned the "Attack On Pearl Harbor". And the U.S., and the Japanese were involved.

The attack on Pearl Harbor is how the United States became involved in WW2

Five midget submarines participated in the attack.

No. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on there own.

the Americans were mad that the pearl harbor was bombed

There were a large number of pilots involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The US was brought into WWII by the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1942.

The U.S. provided weapons and funding to allied forces, but we did not become active in the war as a nation til the attack on Pearl Harbor happened.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

No Australia was an allied power and so was not involved with japan. although it is possible that some Australian soldiers were stationed at pearl harbor when it was bombed

well the main effect of pearl harbor attack was that it caused the Americans who said they would not be involved in world war 2 changed their mind in one day a declared war on japan because of the pearl harbor attack

the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941............

The U.S. became involved after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the combined efforts of air and sea military units.

The event that triggered the US to enter WWII was the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaiiearly in the morning of 7dec1941.

no but it did get the U.S. involved in the pacific war

we got pulled into WWII because of the attack on pearl harbor.

the attack of pearl harbor was whaen japan bombed a us nava base causing aamerica to get involved into the horrendous war know as world war two.

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