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Homes and business's were often "blacked out" along the coastline to diminish potential targets.

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Did Nazis build ghettos to house the jews who could no longer live in german cities?

No. The Jews built, and paid for the walls.

Are there any submarines named Juliet?

There are no known submarines named Juliet. However, the name Juliet is used by NATO to identify a class of Soviet submarines that are no longer in operation. It was a diesel-electric submarine capable of launching cruise missiles. Most American World War II submarines were named after species of fish. Most early nuclear-powered submarines were named after World War II submarines. The first generation of nuclear-powered ballistic submarines were named after famous Americans. Most Los Ageles-class fast attack submarines are named after U.S. cities, with the exception of the USS Hyman G. Rickover. Most Ohio-class guided missle and ballistic missile submarines are named after U.S. states, with the USS Henry M. Jackson being the exception. The Virginia-class fast attack submarines are mostly named after U.S. states. The lone exception as of January 2011 is the John Warner, which is expected to be delivered in 2015.

What was the significance of the US cracking Japan's secret code?

It had the same significance of the Allies breaking the German's code; The German Submarines (U-Boats) could no longer communicate without the Allies listening to them. We knew where the German Subs would be & when. Then they were SUNK! The US knew where and when the Japanese would be; the US Navy would be waiting for them.

Was the submarine effective in World War I?

Yes, A German U-Boat sunk The Lusitania, eventually causing The United States to join the war, I'd say that's a huge impact.Undoubtedly. The submarine came of age in World War 1, but its success was less than it could have been because admirals preferred to fight with massive fleets of surface ships. Navies had submarines in earlier wars (late 1800's, early 1900's), but they were held out of action. In World War 1, the submarine proved itself a warship that could no longer be ignored. As evidence that submarines were not taken seriously before the war, no anti-submarine weapons were invented until after submarines began sinking enemy ships.The most famous submarines of WWI were the German U-Boats (U standing for Untersee, the German word for underwater)

What puppy lives longer?

German Shepard

How did the German use of submarines affect World War 2?

Germany was fairly effective in its use of submarines in World War II. Only by continuing to destroy the U-boats and their support systems did we turn the tide. That and by building merchant marine shipping vessels (the Liberty ships) and the war materials they transported faster than the Germans could sink them were we able to gain a tactical advantage and win the war. The German use of the U-boat caused the conflict to stretch on longer than it might have otherwise.

What was one reason for the German surrender in 1918?

Many German soldiers were no longer willing to fight.

What are the dimensions of a submarine?

All boats have different dimensions, but in general Attack Submarines tend to be around 300' long, and Ballistic Missile Submarines a bit longer. The width of each boat is typically at least 30 feet or more.

Who is the German queen now?

Germany no longer has a queen.

Why is anne frank no longer considered a German?


Are p90 submachine guns legal for civilian use?

FN makes a p90 model for civilians with a longer barrel and in semiautomatic.

What is a German submarine?

"submarine" translates as "U-Boot" in German."atomic submarine" translates as "Atom-U-Boot""missile-launching submarine" translates as "Raketen-U-Boot" The newest German Boot is the "Typ 212" which uses hydrogen fuel cells that don't need air to run.This means that the length of time they can remain submerged is far longer than any atomic submarine can. They are far safer than the atomic submarines.

What is a funfzig mark?

It is a German banknote that as of 2002 is no longer used. All German banknotes were printed with 'bundesbank deutsche mark', which is the German Federal Bank and Funfzig is German for 'fifty'.

Do female German Shepherds live longer than male German Shepherds?

No its all on how well he/she is taken care of

How did the street cars change the way the cities were organized?

It allowed the cities to spread out. You no longer had to live close to where you worked and shopped.

After it has been underwater for longer than one day what is the air quality like inside a submarine?

Very good. All submarines have atmosphere control equipment.

Why are coastal cities warmer than inland cities?

Because water retains heat of the day for longer periods. The soil cools down very quickly. Hence, coastal cities are warmer than inland cities.

What happened on September 15 1935?

September 15 1935 Nuremberg laws deprive Jews of German citizenship. German Jews no longer have right to participate in German elections

How much is 100 dollars in German marks?

German marks are no longer legal tender, as of 2002. Germany uses the Euro now. German marks have only a numismatic value.

How can nuclear submarines travel underwater?

Just like diesel submarines travel underwater, but for much longer periods as the nuclear engine does not consume the oxygen in the air. The older diesel submarines were limited to running on batteries or using a schnorkel to get air for the engines when underwater, so usually they traveled on the surface like regular ships only submerging to prepare for an attack with torpedoes on passing enemy ships. The nuclear submarines can practically travel underwater forever, until they need to be resupplied with food for the crew.

German gastapo's are above the law?

The Gestapo was disbanded in 1945, it no longer exists.

Who will win in a fight between a german shepherd and a python?

A python is stronger, thicker, and longer than a german shepherd, but a german shepherd is faster and can bite the python if the dog is fast enough.

What is the difference between prussia and Germany?

Prussia was the German state that united the German states to become Germany. However, Prusssia no longer exists.

What is the base for German language?

West Germanic (no longer spoken). This is the language that German, Dutch, Frisian and to a large extent, modern English are descended.

Why do strong cities no longer have walls around them?

Modern weaponry renders walls useless.