US Civil War

What was life like during the American Civil War?


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life was harsh and very hard many people died

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American life was civilized. We had new techonology out. then it occured. the civil war. before that it happened cuz of the book and muvie amistad

The blacks helped the whites, and were totally and completely free, and fought for the union against the confederacy.

what life like in the 1800's in the north

Honestly I Have No Clue.....Why Dont You Ask Him.....:]

life was very hard and difficult for both the british and americans

Nasty, brutish, and all too often, short.

In north America life was prosperous, quiet, well mannered and civil just a few of the qualities, not very great for African American people who were treated like third class citizens, that was the main reason when civil disobedience started in the late fifties and early sixties..

i wish all of them but sadly only like...8

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The education during the civil war in the north was education.

There was no civil war for Africa.

There wasn't much combat in 61. Most people were in denial, and hoped that life could carry on as normal.

life was very diificult for black people because they were captures and put into the ships and were evry craped togther

Summary List of Famous Civil War Generals & Commanders during the American Civil War. There were hundreds of generals commissioned in the American Civil War on both the Union and Confederate armies. Some, like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Ulysess S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman are household names.

They had very harsh conditions and they were like now I just want to get out and it was just absolutely horrible.

Their were food shortages, property loss, women and kids starved... sometimes to death.

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I know people back during the civil war did not like him at all.

it was very scary we had to hide in underground passages and we had no food. I missed my farther so much but he was one of the people that survived the war! My mother was a nurse on the battle field but sadly when she was helping some one shot got shot in the chest and couldn't recover

What I think about people being enslaved  in Louisiana is that it was horrible for Slaves that worked in Louisiana because they had to work and they were not paid. It was a good way for the captors to make money. The planters of Louisiana are greatly exercised concerning the continual escapes of their slaves and have held an important meeting at New Orleans about the labor question. After much angry talk and a good deal of abuse of the Government, of which they are "registered enemies," they seem to have agreed at last to pay their slaves wages. That's a sentence where they talked about how slaves were being paid wages Most masters were not good people they enslaved. Even though Slaves got paid they did not get to live a good life as other people got too. I know slavery was bad because It's not right for people to be enslaved and slaves were crucially beaten and they were not treated right.

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