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What was life like for soldiers fighting in World War 1?

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Like having bruises everywhere and like a million tough guys punching you hard in the chest when you got shot.

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Q: What was life like for soldiers fighting in World War 1?
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What was life like for soldiers after World War 1?


What was life like in world war 1 as soldiers?


What did the colonists realize after fighting alongside British soldiers?

The colonists realized after fighting alongside British soldiers that they were outnumbered. The colonists didn't like the British soldiers.

What was life like for world war 2 soldiers?

They never saw their families 'cause they were fighting and over 50 million people in wwll died so it was hard, tiring and definitley brutal

What was life like for the soldiers in World War 1?

it was hard it was hard it was hard

What were soldiers in World War 2 fighting for?

John Hershey(who wrote "Hiroshima" and was a war correspondent) was with some US soldiers at the front lines. He posed the question to a group of soldiers: "What are you fighting for?" There was a long pause of silence. Then one soldier said "I like apple pie". One said something like "I would like a turkey dinner". Then one said "I miss baseball". Each soldier began to express things of home that he longed for. This was their way of expressing the real reason what they were fighting for. Soldiers were not fighting for Country or even their unit. They may have been fighting to help and protect their buddies. But the real reason they fought was that they longed to protect their home and family and return to the American way of life.

Were soldiers fighting in Vietnam paid?

yes, like a lot.

What was life like for soldiers during world war 2?

horrible they had no food at all

What was life like for Russian soldiers of World War 1?

I think it was as bad for them as for all the other soldiers who fought in WoW 1.

What was life like for soldiers who were fighting in trenches?

Very bad There was a lot of mud Toxic gases Smells like rats lice everywhere dead bodies on the floor

What was life like for soldiers during World War 2 both in action and not in action such as camping or something?

life was short

How did the United States influence World War 1?

they cam into the battle with lots of soldiers, none of which were injured or tired like soldiers from other countries who had been fighting for a long time. these new soldiers helped to win the war

What did Allied soldiers eat while fighting in World War 2?

Mostely K rations or non perishibel food like soupe and other stuff like that.

As they fought against dictatorships overseas what did African American soldiers feel they were fighting back home?

African-American soldiers felt like they were fighting racism back home.

How did the results of world war 2 impact the US soldiers?

It made them appreciate life more...and live life like there was no tomorrow.

What was life like doing world war 1?

Life was hard mainly in the trenches, many soldiers got trench foot.

What was the training like in World War 1?

It was very hard , some days soldiers had to do 10hours of solid work, most of it had nothing to do with fighting in the trenches.

What was life like for soldiers is wolrd war 1?

we can not totatly imagine what the soldiers of world war 1 went through. but we can honor their memory, their sacrifice, and always remember .

What was life like for soldiers after ww1?

Good as

What was the German soldiers personal life like?

what was the personal life like for a ww2 German soldier

What was life like for union soldiers in the civil war?

i have no idea like?

What was life like during World War 2?

Life During WW2Many Chinese were victimised and other races were spared.There were hardships, sufferings and killings by the Japanese soldiers.The Japanese soldiers invaded Singapore on 15th Feb 1942.

What was a trench in World War 1?

It was basically a skinny and relatively deep pit surrounded with barbed wire that was used for fighting. The trench was like a barricade and protected the soldiers from direct gunfire.

Do roman soldiers get free time?

yes they do by training,fighting and many more like bathing in bath houses.

Is the war in Aganistain the same as the Vietnam war?

When Afghanistan jet fighters are fighting US jet fighters. When Afghanistan tanks are fighting US tanks. When Afghanistan warships are fighting US warships. When Afghanistan soldiers are fighting US soldiers. Then it will be like Vietnam. Right now, it just a law enforcement issue; finding terrorists, arresting them, or terminating them.