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What was life like in colonial Connecticut?

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•If you weren't a farmer then you traded up and down the Connecticut river with the Native Americas they would give steel tools for furs from the animals.

•You can make a living of agriculture (farming wheat, barley, oats, corn, and fishing.

•You can practice your religious beliefs as you wish a Puritan nobleman's heaven.

•There is a temperate climate and right by a body of water

•It is a wealthy colony

thank you i am doing a history project and that helps alot!:)

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What was a child's life like in Connecticut in Colonial Times?

"a child's life isn't just like a sack of corn it cant just be replaced like a stick!"

What were the homes like in colonial Connecticut?

Steady and protective

Were there slaves in colonial Connecticut?

Yes, there were slaves in colonial Connecticut.

What religion was practiced in colonial Connecticut?

it was mostly puritans in colonial Connecticut

What was colonial Connecticut government?

it was the rule of Fundamental Orders of was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.The government in Colonial Connecticut was a Constitutional monarchy.

What was colonial life like in the south?

colonial life was like a stopid country

Why was colonial Connecticut founded?

Colonial Connecticut was founded as a sanctuary for Puritan men.

How was life like for a priest in Colonial times?

how was life like for colonial priests/preachers

What are the landforms of colonial Connecticut?

Connecticut river

What did colonial times Connecticut look like?

Colonial Conneticut looks mostly as it is today, but more distinct, such as, in farmland.

What religions were practiced in colonial Connecticut?

In colonial Connecticut the major religious denominations were Puritan and Congregationalist.

What are some bad things about Colonial Connecticut?

One bad thing that happened in Colonial Connecticut is the Pequot War. Colonial Connecticut is also here slavery began in this country.

How did the Connecticut colonial government differ from the Massachusetts colonial government?

how was the government of connecticut different from the one in massachusetts

What was the clothing like in colonial Connecticut?

Clothing in colonial Connecticut were like this: They took a thin board on which were strips of leather set with hooked wire teeth. They would pull it across the second board until the fibers were brushed flat.

What animals lived in colonial Connecticut?

I don't know, sorry. I have a stupid project about connecticut, and the animals in colonial times.

What were the social classes in colonial Connecticut?

Social classes in colonial Connecticut include Gentry, middle class and indentured servants. There was also a slave class in early Connecticut.

What was the geography of colonial Connecticut?

Colonial Connecticut's geography was hills and mountains.

When was colonial Connecticut founded?


Did they fish in colonial Connecticut?


What was colonial Connecticut like?

== == Colonial time Connecticut was very poor to begin with, but soon the tobacco help the colony expand and become prosperous. The trades were farming, metal work, and merchant goods. The colony was dependent on trade.

What did colonial Connecticut town look like?

it pretty much look like today but with more trees and farm land.

Where was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded in colonial times. The founding location was near what is today known as the Connecticut river.

What was life like for colonial woman?


What was daily life like for a colonial gunsmith?


What was life like for the colonial children?