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=There very first song was=Please Be Mine (:

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You can check out the Jonas Brothers. Mostly all of their songs are love songs. There two newest albums (Jonas Brothers, and A Little Bit Longer) are their best. Their first one isn't that good though.

There is one reson for this.All of the songs are about time.

The Jonas Brothers are amazing and 7:05 is one of my favorite songs on there "Its about time"album

The Jonas brothers songs are on average 3 minutes long. SOS, one of their most known songs, is 2:42 minutes long. Hope that answers your questions

of course! its one of their songs.

Yes Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers did indeed cuss due to singing one of the songs as being a member of the DNCE group.

Kevin Jonas the first, (father of the Jonas Brothers) does have children but Kevin Jonas the second (the one in the Jonas Brothers band) does not.

NO the Jonas brothers have 3 albums...the karaoke is just some of there songs in karaoke form lol!!!!!!!!!PEACE.LOVE.JONAS

They were not gonna be named Sons of Jonas the were gonna be named SONGS OF JONAS They were not gonna be named Sons of Jonas the were gonna be named SONGS OF JONAS They were considering that name. They were considering a lot of different names but hadn't decided by their first show so one of them said we're the Jonas Brothers because that's who they are and the name stuck because that's how people knew them. They were not going to be Songs of Jonas. Other possible names were Jonas 3 Jonas Trio 123Jonas

I only know one, but here it is: "Hollywood" by "The Jonas Brothers" on the album "Jonas Brothers".

The fist Jonas brothers CD was ITS ABOUT TIME...but before that Nick had a separate one that had his brothers in it. It was titled NICHOLAS JONAS!!!there second one was JONAS BROTHERS and the 3rd was A LITTLE BIT LONGER

You can legally download any Jonas Brothers song on Itunes. Of course, you can always listen to one of their songs on websites like youtube, google videos, or even Lime Wire if you have it. Try each one out, and see which one works for you.

no, the songs that they performed are all on a cd' you'll have to find it, 4 ur answer.

They sing different songs but mostly their new songs, you would have to go to one to find out

There are two songs by that name, the first one is sang by A.J. Trauth and the ither one was sang by The Jonas Brothers.

Yes, the Jonas Brothers do have a karaoke CD. They have a karaoke version of the CD "Jonas Brothers", their second album. It features all the songs from that album plus a bonus one from their next album, "A little Bit Longer"

there first CD was Its About Time , i think. Im pretty sure that was the name and their second one was called Jonas brothers there first CD was Its About Time , i think. Im pretty sure that was the name and their second one was called Jonas brothers

The Jonas Brothers have three cd's, the real fans know this.The first one is called It's about time.The second one is called Jonas Brothers ( it's a self titled album, and that's the one I'm guessing you were talking about.)& Their most recent one is called A little bit longer. "Nicholas Jonas" also had an album of his own, but I don't know if that's what you were asking either. :) Hope that helped! I know many things about them, so just send em' in and I'll answer em'! You are probably thinking about the Jonas Brothers Bonus Edition. It is the second CD Jonas Brothers but with Bonus songs and stuff.

The only one I can think of at the moment is the Jonas Brothers song Paranoid.

You are thinking of Nick, right? Well he didn't, the songs he had recently written weren't suited for the Jonas Brothers so he made another band called Nick Jonas and the Administration and he doesn't plan on leaving the Jonas Brothers for good anytime soon

There is one spoof of "That's Just The Way We Roll" by these guys called "The Fake Jonas Brothers". You can find the video on hope that helps

the Jonas brothers have no sisters but have one little brother and there are three Jonas brothers if you didnt know

Actually they all compose their own songs. Nick especially as he's the one who's always full of ideas for their songs.

Because they are hot and write great songs that a lot of people can relate to.

"Thats just the way we roll" is one the Jonas Brother's first hit albums, "Jonas Brothers," written in 2007.

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