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What was one of the population changes occurred during World War 1?


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population changes occurred during World War I?


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One of the social changes that occurred during World War 2 happened in fashion. Since wool and cotton needed to be preserved, dresses became shorter. There was also an increase in urbanization since the war set families in motion which led to more city dwellers.

The social economic and political changes that occurred after the World War 2 is that the US, Germany and Britain redefined their foes and friends.

a World War............................

During the Great Migration, African Americans moved North in search of jobs and entered Northern Society.

About 25.4 Million Military Deaths occurred during World War 2, This is about 34-35% of the Total deaths which occurred during World War 2.

the world's population is 9.1 Billion if World War 2 hadn't happened the population would be 875.8 Trillion people

How did one wartime leader memorably refer to the killing that occurred during world war 1?

The lands of Palestine were taken by the Jew.

The Holocaust occurred during the Second World War .

After WW2 people had different views of women and their capabilities.

A social change could be the role of women in society.

Australia received the "back-wash" of it's association(s) with the outside world. Hippies made their appearance, as well as the protesters, etc.

You can read about the uprising during World War 2 that happened in Israel in the link below.

100,300,454,123.53 deaths occurred during world war 2 for the polish people. jews

Canada's population during the World war 1 was about 7,879, 000

The shaby treatment that Australia received from the British during WW1 after the disrespect shown them australians started to feel that a separation was in order.

World population about 800 million.

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About 48.5 Million Civilian Deaths occurred during World War 2. This is 65-66% out of total deaths during World War 2.

What economics circumstance occurred during the Revolutionary War, the Confederacy, and Europe before WW II

The original ANZAC landing occurred in 1915, during World War I.

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